Quantum transition to a Resource-Based Economy

Mарт 1, 2021

Graphene and green light for a resource-based economy

Deciphering the atomic-molecular structure of substances laid the foundation for modern technologies. The 21st century will be the time of atomic design of various materials with desired properties. The start of a full-scale nanotechnology revolution is only held back by the cost-effective way of producing nanomaterials.

The urgent need for economic, environmental and social transformations in our society pushes us to look for ways to transition to a resource-based economy. Today, a group of researchers and developers of convergent sciences and nanotechnology are convinced that we have a solution to both of these challenges. This post will focus on:

- What opportunities for the purification of the environment and the development of human civilization opens up to us a new branch of scientific knowledge - convergent sciences and nature-like technologies.
- What will be the management of resources in the global resource-based economy of the future and how the fusion of nuclear engineering and socio-humanitarian technologies cancels the planned obsolescence of goods.
- How to improve the quality and life expectancy of everyone and how to feed and provide the highest standard of living for a population of more than 50 billion people without any cost and harm to the ecology of the planet.
- When it came: a breakthrough into a future in which cognitive evolution is inevitable and the achievement of a society of abundance, without money, war, violence, age and waste.
- What was done by a group of inventors from different countries numbering less than 100 people - researchers and developers of nature-like technologies in order to get to the future today. And what do they intend to do more for the sake of the planet and all its inhabitants.
- What can each of us do to build an environmentally friendly and more humane civilization, to improve the quality of life of people and to solve the most important problems of our time, such as the greening of activities and a change in the technical and economic structure.
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