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Climate change is leading to the collapse of civilization. Can a resource-based economy fix the situation?

There are really many problems with the environment. The reason for their occurrence is the same and it is known - the creation of a technosphere by man, antagonistic to nature.

Over the past few years, the term climate change has come to be heavily used by politicians and marketers, and it has become a source of rejection for many people. However, anyone can realize the importance of living in harmony with nature, the importance of the environmental agenda and responsibility for your home, your planet.

And the point is not that we do not have the tools and technologies to clear the planet of the garbage and toxic waste that we have scattered. The point is not that we cannot eliminate the problem itself: low quality products, short service life, lack of the possibility of modernization and recycling.

All of these technologies are in our program Quantum transition to a resource-based economy.
Nature-like technologies of the sixth technological order. Including resource management technology Green graphene - waste processing into nanomaterials with predetermined properties. Such materials can be anything from wearable electronics to the skin of a spacecraft. Such materials have such unique characteristics that they allow them to design their properties in advance and give a guarantee for use for 100 or even more years. https://teslar.site/green_graphene

The program solves the problem of garbage around the planet and launches mass production and introduction of environmentally friendly nanomaterials with unique properties. A technological revolution that was not possible due to the high cost of graphene and nanomaterials will become a reality. Because technology allows us to create nanomaterials from garbage. This will change all things, buildings, vehicles and objects that surround us.

- Will this solve the problem of environmental pollution?
- Yes, definitely!

And now a few words about what we do not have yet. We do not yet have 10,000 registered residents of the first city. And we do not have 3,000 people who are active participants in the program, who together with their families receive an invitation to the ocean city, contributing in the form of their time, skills and vitality.

The question that was voiced already has a solution. We now need a mechanism to implement this solution. Such a tool so that it does not make us dependent on politicians and businessmen, I see only one - cooperation to achieve a common goal.
Let's build a technology platform and start implementing nature-like technologies and cleaning up the planet. We will create an ecological civilization in a very short time.

And we will solve one of the most important problems. https://2steps2rbe.org/effects1

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