- Does the first stage of the program involve investors?
A plant to convert waste into nanomaterials can be a good investment.
There are so many waste materials that we can process. It is going to be a big income for us and give us some power to control the economy by investing on other strategic businesses, at the same time clean up our mother earth, while we are implementing our RBE programs to transition to a moneyless system. We have to invest first on income-generating projects.

- The technology of processing garbage into nanomaterials is not only a solution to the acute problem of our century - garbage and waste. In addition, this is a completely new opportunity to look at resources in a new way. After all, with this technology we no longer have waste. We can literally build anything from the dirt from under our feet. Using industrial waste and any waste, even toxic, as a source material. All this can be turned into environmentally friendly nanomaterials with new unique properties and qualities. And it will serve a person much longer. And then it can be recycled again and turned into other materials. It's not just a resource-efficient technology. This is a new word in resource management.

This is an exciting opportunity not only for the environment, but also a revolution in the economy. We make valuable resources from waste, which is paid for today. This is a unique opportunity for the economy. Both for today's and creating a resource base for the transition to a resource-based economy.

The second stage of the program - the construction of cities on water does not imply any attraction of investments or other financial means. There is no need to buy the most modern and very expensive materials in this economy for building a city - they will be produced from garbage and waste. Own production facilities will allow you to create everything you need. And the little that may be required from the outside can be obtained through exchange for produced nanomaterials. Thus, a resource base for the construction of cities on water will be created.
We believe that the existing disaster economy has no right to exist. We are ready to apply the technologies we have to move to a resource-based economy.

We are convinced that in the current conditions there can be more than just an ethical or responsible business. And not just clean or green technologies. But only technologies have the potential for social and environmental transformation. And materials, products and products can only be produced that are environmentally friendly and truly necessary for a person, and not caused by artificial demand or fashion. This should be not just beneficial to a certain circle of people. It should be useful for the planet and all people.

This is the position of the public organization of the Scientific and Industrial Association Teslar. It is these technologies that are being developed for the resource-based economy and noospheric civilization. And they have been introducing them all over the world for 13 years. https://teslar.site/responsibility

The association invites a wide range of people to take part in environmental initiatives, including the Global Environmental and Technological Transformation program and the Quantum Transition program for the transition to a resource-based economy.
Individuals, teams and organizations interested in participating in the construction of plants for processing waste into nanomaterials as co-founders or co-owners will be given the opportunity to buy stocks and shares, as well as, possibly, smart contracts and tokens. This will allow not only to receive an investor's reward, but also, under certain conditions, to get the opportunity to become one of the first residents of an autonomous and environmentally friendly ocean city.

The presentation of the program has been translated into 22 languages. You can receive your copy by mail by leaving a request on the page https://2steps2rbe.org/join

Learn more about the prospects for participating in programs and initiatives.
You can get presentation materials in different languages by leaving a request on the website https://teslar.site/greenstock.
An invitation to cooperation is also posted here https://teslar.site/cooperation

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