I would like to live and work in such a floating city.
How can I get into this future?

How can I participate in the program Quantum transition to a RBE?
Thank you for your willingness to work on social and environmental change. The planet and all living things really need our active actions.

1. First of all, carefully and slowly read the program presented on the site and study the proposed action plan.
Read answers to frequently asked questions
Feel free to ask questions that excite you and bring into your own methods of solving certain problems, like you. Perhaps in the process of acquaintance you will find a more rational way of this or that goal and thereby improve the improvement and complement the program of achievement itself;

2. Explore the converged science space and nature-like technologies that underpin the program:
- Resource-oriented economy
- Nanotechnology
- Biotechnology
- Information Technology
- Cognitive technologies
- Social technologies

3. Pay special attention to social technology.
Meet or continue your study of Resource-Based Economics and Sociocyber Engineering. Start by watching popular science films from the project: "The choice is ours", "Constructing the future", "Paradise or oblivion". Listen to Jacque Fresco's lecture course and read his recommended reading. Get to know Vernadsky's theory of the noosphere. This will give you an idea of what a resource-based economy is and what kind of future we are looking for.
Discuss "Project Venus" or "Teaching about the Noosphere" and "Quantum Transition to ROE" with your family or friends. Analyze your life experience and the knowledge base that you have been able to collect over your life. Do not try to answer questions that you do not understand, explain that they are simple and understandable in truths that are completely clear and simple for you, that is simple and understandable for you.

4. Do not neglect watching videos and materials that we recommend. Even if you've seen them before, in light of this project. Do not get hung up and do not discard them for the reason that you disagree with something (they can really contradict and mislead), try to take only useful information from them.

5. Join the team taking control of our common spaceship - planet Earth.
The ideas of patriotism, rivalry and competition are imposed on us from birth. Try to leave these ideas behind the door programs and understand that the entire planet is a common common home, and all living things on it have a common genetic heritage. We are all one family, and all responsibility for making decisions before people living today, your children and future generations rests on our shoulders.
Sign up as active participants and join the team working on the implementation of the program of the Quantum Transition to a resource-based economy and building an ecological, more humane and technically better civilization.
The list of skills and knowledge and experience that the Program primarily needs is given on the page

6. If you do not have time, but want to help in the implementation of the program, become a member of a community that implements the most modern and environmentally friendly achievements of science and technology that have the potential to transform the planet and human society. In what two ways can you become a member of the program and receive an invitation to the ocean city of the future https://2steps2rbe.org/whatformsofparticipationexi...

Your contribution

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