Several practical recommendations for applying my knowledge and experience in the "Quantum transition to a RBE" program.

If you have practical knowledge of a foreign language - help translate the materials into a language known to you. To do this, write to us about your willingness to help, and if the site has already been translated into this language - help improve the quality of this translation. It is very important that people understand its essence and content as accurately as possible;

If you have experience as an organizer - help to set up effective work between project participants;
The first stage of the program involves the construction of a plant for processing waste into nanomaterials. Many, if not all countries are in dire need of this technology and you can help in building relationships with representatives of government agencies and various foundations and organizations;

If you have diplomatic experience, help others to learn to find compromises and negotiate, to conduct constructive joint work.

If you have legal experience, help in building relationships with representatives of various government and commercial organizations, as well as with the preparation of offers for participation in the program for a wide range of people.

If you have the knowledge and experience of an economist or financier - help to create a system of cooperation and the most fair calculation of participation and distribution of benefits between the project participants at the first stage of the program implementation;

If you have experience in IT technologies, the development of smart contracts, the development of blockchain systems and cryptocurrencies, the experience of a Web developer, or you are engaged in penetration testing, know the programming language and develop applications or programs - help improve and make more secure the site code, put it on GitHub. Take part in the development of smart contracts, concept, technical specifications, ecosystem prototype, help bring this development to full implementation in our daily life;

If you are a philologist, blogger, journalist or mass media representative - help in the most simple and correct way to convey the essence of the project to every person;

If you are concerned about environmental protection, protection of animal and biological diversity - take part in establishing relations with nature protection organizations and preparing proposals that allow us to introduce our innovations;

If you are a person of culture, participate in creating scripts and creating films that can convey to people the principles and goals of the program, because most people nowadays have moved from the category of readers to the category of spectators;

If you are an architect or builder - help improve and supplement the ideas of Jacques Fresco and our scientists and engineers for the construction of ecological cities on water (the second stage of the program);

If you are a busy businessman or a responsible investor and you think the project is progressive and necessary, you can take part in the program by investing in the implementation of the first stage of the program. Thus, you can receive an investor's reward, help implement the entire program and make the world a better place.

Your contribution

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