Why does the second phase of the program suggest building ocean cities?
Why should we build a city on water and not on land? I think these projects can be very expensive.

- The program proposes building a city on water for a variety of reasons.
First of all, this territory does not belong to anyone and is not subject to any government on the planet. And such cities will allow us to begin colonizing vast water areas - more than 70 percent of the surface of our planet is occupied by oceans. They will be completely autonomous and self-replicating. https://2steps2rbe.org/prerequisites2

Such cities will serve for environmental clean-up and restoration, development of aquatic agriculture and research purposes. They will be able to pick up debris from the bottom and from the surface of the water and process this debris into nanomaterials with unique qualities. These materials will be immediately used for the production of products, devices and everything necessary for a person. There will be no old things at all. Everything will be reworked and modified. And everything will be created only of the best quality and with care for the planet and all its inhabitants.

They will be much safer than existing homes and cities. They will be better protected from any climatic disasters. Only proven, environmentally friendly and safe materials and technologies will be used. The latest achievements of science and technology will be applied in design and construction. Modern nanomaterials and devices, products and structures made from them are tens and hundreds of times more reliable, durable and more environmentally friendly. Nanomaterials are a new class of materials not previously used by humans in construction.

These will be university cities. People will be given the opportunity to continuously learn something new, participate in research and activities that are useful to all people. Better living conditions and a greener hike will extend people's lives and allow them to more fully realize their potential. Anyone can be an author of useful inventions or open source. Everyone's contribution can benefit the planet and all its inhabitants.

The transformation will also affect the social sphere. Sociocyber engineering technologies will be introduced. There will be no army or police. There will be no money and no means of exchange. All benefits will be distributed free of charge. All this will be implemented on the basis of a resource-based economy. https://2steps2rbe.org/technologies2

These will be centers of social, environmental and economic transformation. Visitors to such a city will be given guided tours so that they can evaluate the applicable technologies. If possible, they will be able to stay in such a city, or they will be able to get a queue to settle in the next city under construction. https://2steps2rbe.org/effects2

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