We invite you to become a part of the community working on the implementation of the program

"Quantum transition to a Resource-Based Economy"

We invite a community of people around the world who support more than a million organizations striving for social and environmental change to participate in the construction of innovative factories for "cities of the future."

We can create a world in which poverty, war, starvation, crime, and even taxes are a thing of the past. If we direct all science and technology within the framework of a resource-based economy for the benefit of all people and the protection of nature, only then will we understand what it means to be truly civilized.

Become part of a growing community that is working to translate the ideas of the Theory of Noosphere, Resource-Based Economy and The Venus Project into reality.
We are currently looking for help from people with experience in the following areas:
- Writing articles and posts on social networks, translating into different languages, interacting with the media and involving new people in the program;

-Creation of audio and video content that will help to convey the essence of the resource-based economy and the program for the transition to it to every person as simply and correctly as possible;

-Development of various forms of cooperation and implementation of fundraising campaigns for the implementation of the first stage of the project. Including, for the implementation of crowdfunding;

- Writing smart contracts, developing a blockchain system, cryptocurrencies and other tools that will allow project participants to become full partners of the project;

-Other experience in IT technologies: programming, web development, application or program development;

-Search and develop relationships with new participants and partners (individuals, foundations, corporations, governments), whose goals correspond to the ideas of a resource-based economy and the goals of the Venus project;

- Establishing relationships and negotiating with individuals or organizations that may be interested in partnership or collaboration.

It's time to apply existing technologies to restore the environment and improve the quality of life for all people

Time to make a decision: do we want to move from a culture based on scarcity, waste and environmental destruction to a sustainable society based on abundance and environmental concern?

We have a long way to go. We will either create heaven on earth, or we will destroy ourselves and fall into oblivion. Only the future will answer. What it will be depends on all of us.

Every builder of a future civilization will be guaranteed a place in the first ocean city. The initial commitment that we expect from each participant is to participate in the dissemination of information and help in the implementation of the program.
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