Convergent sciences
and nature-like technologies

The space

of convergent sciences underlying the
"Quantum transition to a resource-based economy" program is the core of the 6th technological paradigm, based on the unification and synergistic strengthening of the achievements of convergent sciences (nanotechnology, biotechnology, information, cognitive and socio-humanitarian sciences and technologies - NBICS / NBICS).

NBICS convergence will be a complete merger of these technologies into a single scientific and technological area of knowledge. We are convinced that with the convergence of knowledge, technology and society, we can fundamentally change the life of the planet and its inhabitants.

Quantum science and Nanotechnologies
Resource management technologies: nature-like and quantum technologies in sustainable life support systems, material processing, synthesis of elements, etc. Production of nanomaterials, products and devices with their content: a new class of electronic devices, household items, environmental control and cleaning, etc.
The use of living organisms, their systems or products of their vital activity for solving technological problems, as well as the possibility of creating living organisms with the necessary properties. Systems for the cultivation and production of organic food with the necessary composition of trace elements, medicinal plants with essential oils, etc.
Information technologies
Supercomputer and accessories. Superconductors, wearable electronics, gallium electronics, wireless data transmission technologies, etc. (Information technology encompasses all the resources needed to manage information, especially computers, software and networks needed to create, store, manage, transmit and retrieve information.)
Cognitive science and technologies
A study of mind and intelligence, encompassing philosophy, psychology, artificial intelligence, neurobiology, linguistics, and anthropology.
Information systems, Intelligent control systems, artificial intelligence, blockchain systems. and etc.
Social science and technologies
Social technologies. Theory of the biosphere and noosphere. Sociocyberengineering, Venus Project.
A change in methods and methods of production will entail a change in production and social relations and create conditions for the establishment of a resource-based economy.

"There is nothing that could attract human attention to a greater extent and deserve to be studied than nature. To understand its huge mechanism, discover its creative forces and learn the laws that govern it - the greatest goal of the human mind. "

― Nikola Tesla

Some nature-like technologies used in the program
"Quantum transition to a resource based economy"

We are on the verge of a new social and technological revolution. A resource-based economy will provide people not only with free electricity, but also all the best that money cannot buy. Eliminate the deficit and stop the global extinction of species on the planet. We have everything we need to transform the world around us and make the biological (including cognitive) and socio-cultural evolution of the human population.

The emerging reality of convergence can be found in applications for ecology, life safety, energy, resource management, food security, naturopathy, genomics, robotics, bioinformation, and artificial intelligence. These achievements of science and technology were created using atomic-molecular design and production technologies. Many of them were released into series production more than 12 years ago and are used daily around the world.

Green graphene
Resource management technologies: nature-like and quantum technologies for processing materials and synthesizing elements. Recycling waste into high-quality innovative nanomaterials: graphene and graphene-containing materials, which are in demand in all spheres of human life and are of great importance for the ecology of the planet. Graphene and graphene-containing materials of various types in serial production.
Bio-adequate light
Lighting and light hygiene. Secure video environment. Atomic-molecular manipulation has made it possible to create light-illuminating devices with a biologically adequate spectral composition of light. This made it possible to obtain biologically adequate light for humans and animals. Creates a safe video environment and helps prevent disorders of the body. Recommended to avoid disability for children under 14 years of age. Graphene-containing lamps for various purposes (including for home and office) in serial production.
Phytoeffective light
Technologies for creating a safe video environment and biologically adequate lighting using design at the atomic-molecular level. The technology allows you to shift any range of the spectrum, change the intensity to obtain any desired result: the production of hormones in humans, increased formation of essential oils in medicinal plants, and the like. Graphene-containing phyto-luminaires of various characteristics in serial production.
Graphene technologies
Self-assembling, self-cleaning and self-healing materials produced by the atomic-molecular method. Paints, pastes, varnishes, textiles, polymers with unique properties, as well as much stronger, lighter and more customizable materials of construction. Graphene-containing materials have a wide range of applications. They have been introduced by us for over 12 years all over the planet.
Technologies for the production of high-quality plant products
Sustainable food production with the highest level of programmability and automation. Technologies that exclude the ingestion of carcinogens, mutagens, herbicides and pesticides into food. High-tech phytotech complexes as a set of engineering and technical structures with controlled microclimate conditions and vegetative-irradiation equipment, resource-saving technologies for growing vegetables.
Clean energy technologies
Electric power generators based on natural processes without the use of any fuel.
Drinking water production technologies
The atmospheric water generator produces pure drinking water of the highest quality practically from the air. The equipment is made using nanotechnology and with particular attention to environmental and health issues. Execution in the form of seawater desalination plants is possible.
Environmental control technologies
We design and manufacture, using nanotechnology, climate systems and environmental control equipment as part of complex solutions for the engineering and technical complexes we create and as separate equipment. Depending on the design features of the model, the microclimate control system can perform various functions. From monitoring and cleaning the gas-air space from pollution, viruses, radiation, etc.
A system of treatment and prevention of diseases based on natural remedies. The varieties of naturopathy include herbal medicine - treatment with medicinal herbs, sunlight, massage, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, music therapy, as well as therapeutic fasting and more.
Quantum Medicine
Drug-free methods of treatment: laser, infrared, electromagnetic, extremely high-frequency and light. Electromagnetic effects close to natural factors, which have a beneficial effect on the vital processes of a cell, organ, system and the whole organism. The quantum impact launches the hidden reserve adaptive capabilities of the organism both at the level of an individual cell and the entire biological system as a whole, sharply increasing immunity and mobilizing the body's defenses to actively resist the deviations in functioning that have arisen.
The introduction of nanotechnology in order to preserve and improve human life. Currently, both in the field of nanomedicine and in all industries in general, the use of nanotechnology is expanding. In medicine, nanoparticles and nanomaterials are used for diagnostics, prosthetics and treatment.
Li-Fi (Light Fidelity)
Wireless network technology similar to Wi-Fi technology, using visible light from LEDs as a means of transmitting data. It is a much faster and safer alternative to communication systems with electromagnetic radiation like wi-fi.
Intelligent control systems
Intelligent control systems for complex engineering and technical complexes and systems. Miniature sensors that allow unobtrusive monitoring of a condition in real time and significantly improve diagnostics.
Socio-humanitarian technologies
Social technologies. Theore of Noosphere. Sociocyberengineering. Venus Project. Resource-based economy.
Cooperation - the technology of nature itself will allow us to do this. An agreed plan of action for those willing to work for the good of the planet and all its inhabitants.

Make your suggestions for improving the program, join teams of scientists, advisors, experts, and program participants. Everyone's contribution to the construction of a new civilization will be a decisive contribution to the restoration of the planet's ecosystems and the preservation of biodiversity, the development of all mankind and a window to other universes. And your ticket to the city of the future.

Join the work on a program inspired by nature and such great scientists as Nikola Tesla, Vladimir Vernadsky, R. Buckminster Fuller, Jacque Fresco, еtc.