Produced annually 400 000 000 000 tons of garbage

Designed for landfill

of things serve no more
than half a year

of the food produced is wasted

resource requirement and food by 2050

Burn cannot be recycled

Three ways to deal with garbage:
burial (landfill)
Landfills are a great environmental hazard
No more than 16% of the waste delivered to the collection point is recycled
All covered in debris, absolutely all
5 huge islands of garbage in the oceans of the planet, one of which exceeded the size of the territory of two Germanies and became known as the "Eastern Garbage Continent"

Microplastics found even
in babies' blood

There are more plastic particles
in the waters of the oceans than fish
Garbage is a 21st century problem.
Every country, family and every person has to realize it.

Payment for a person's lack of access to modern materials and technologies

Overrun of resources and production capacities. High waste generation rate, increased cost and poor quality of all products

Disappearance of ecologically clean living environment, deterioration of health and quality of life of people, reduction of its duration

Sixth mass extinction of species: more than 120 species of animals, birds, insects and plants disappear every day

Environmental damage to our planet is causing environmental collapse. It is a threat to life all over the earth