What forms of participation exist to help in the implementation of the program and receive an invitation and the right to live in the city of the future?

Indeed, in order to expand our production of nanomaterials and create a resource base for the cities of the future, we need to build a plant to process waste into nanomaterials. Build synthesis reactors and purchase other necessary equipment.
We are at the stage of finding the best solution for the implementation of the first stage of the program. The result of which will be the cleaning of the environment and the solution of one of the global problems of this century - waste. And also to create a resource base for cities of the future and a resource allocation center for the Venus Project.
To date, summing up the proposals made by experts and the community on ways to implement such construction, we can assume that participation in the program will be available in two forms:

1. The activist of the program is the builder of the future civilization -
a participant who contributes his intellectual work for the implementation of the program. It implies all possible assistance in the implementation of the program, the use of their skills, abilities and time, as well as the mandatory deepening of knowledge about a resource-based economy.
At the first stage, in order to become a member, a person takes an active part in the activities of the group - he invests his skills, skills, time to implement the program. Participation in the program using blockchain tools is recorded in a smart contract and is the right to settle in the future first oceanic city.
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Active participation in the program is a great opportunity to get an invitation without any fees. Except for their skills, abilities and time. Send us a message to join us in implementing the Quantum Transition to a Resource-Based Economy https://2steps2rbe.org/join

2. Green investor -
a "cleantech" or "ethical" investor choosing to support the adoption of sustainable and nature-like quantum technologies. People who share the project in part, for example, who are aware of the transformative power of the revolutionary technology of processing waste into nanomaterials, want to become co-founders and shareholders of such a plant.
Takes part in a crowdfunding campaign and becomes a co-founder of a waste processing plant and the creation of nanomaterials with unique qualities from the products of this processing. Agreements are fixed and the rights of the investor are protected in the law of the country in which the plant will be built, as well as using blockchain tools and smart contracts.
Upon successful completion of the training in the basics of a resource-based economy, he also receives an invitation to the first oceanic city. the possibility of settling in the city of the future, then he has the opportunity to sell his shares to society, with the transfer of the right to settle to another person, in return for paying him interest and investor's premium, at a level not lower than that adopted in such high-tech projects.

This is an opportunity for those who do not have the opportunity to make time, but want to be part of the solution; promote the introduction of a resource-based economy and nature-like technologies; to bring closer the implementation of the Venus Project and the creation of the noosphere; wants to get the opportunity to settle in the first oceanic city; or even reinvesting your capital in clean technology or a green economy.
Today's calculations allow setting contributions from cooperative members and investors at a level from $ 100 to $ 1000. This is comparable to spending on one useless holiday like Christmas or the other. Instead of false words and unnecessary gifts, you can become part of a huge work to create a new civilization, receive an invitation to the city of the future, where everything is absolutely free and of the best quality. The cost of your right to move in may equal two monthly utility bills in the underdeveloped and dangerous cities of the present. Or the cost of one share in a technologically backward company and an environmentally friendly company that develops and manufactures much less high-tech technologies.

At the first stage of the program, monetary relations and the institution of property are exhausted and for new residents of the oceanic city they are abolished with the preservation of everyone's right of residence, full provision not only in this first oceanic city, but also in any other city we have built in the future.

Ocean cities during the implementation of the second phase of the program will be fully based on a resource-based economy. Autonomous and self-replicating. No money or medium of exchange is intended to be used. All benefits created in a resource-based economy are recognized as the property of each person, the heritage of the whole society and future generations.

Perhaps the scenario for the implementation of the first stage of the program will be improved and changed in some way. We will be glad to join forces with you to find solutions for the transition to a more environmentally friendly, humane and technically better civilization. Whether we will be able to take advantage of this opportunity depends entirely on each of us.

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